Our new favourite time of year, when as designers and seekers of the new and interesting we get dive into research and forecast the coming year of weddings. 2016 was all about making a statement (in more ways than one...we're looking at you Brexit), with bold choices and vibrant tones. 2017 on first look might seem stripped back, subdued, but that presents a lot of exciting opportunities. Let's delve, shall we? 


Last year we saw tropical, vibrant countries and cultures invade Pinterest with their palm leaves and bright colours. This year, we're looking closer to home. We've talked about it recently, this hygge trend sweeping the nation with it's emphasis on cosiness and candlelight to get you through the harsh winter. Now,  the Danish way is breaking into the wedding industry.

Scandinavian style is focussed on light and space, simplicity and minimalism. Weddings of this ilk are unfussy, uncluttered, purposeful. Simple, muted palettes paired with foraged foliage and wooden accents. And, oh yes, candles. Lots and lots of candles.

It's very Kinfolk, if you're familiar with that magazine-come-lifestyle - woodsy hipster minimalism. Though it's scaled back in design, it can still feel luxury.

Blank canvas, white-walled venues work well for making the finer details stand out, and are perfect for illuminating with candlelight. Garlands of foliage and natural embellishments look perfect against a neutral palette.

Industrial copper or rose gold details work really well as a contrast to this laid back folksy design, adding a twist and some warmth to the room.



In the same vein as our foliage-heavy Scandi trend prediction, we're looking to the green colour family in general as the staple of next year's weddings. Pantone's predicted top 10 colours of the year for 2017 included two mighty shades - Kale and Greenery.

Natural greens work perfectly for the 'less is more' tone 2017 will strike, as well as Pantone's other predictions of nude tones Hazelnut and Pale Dogwood. The tranquil and refreshing Greenery against the vibrant and lush Kale is evocative but still on the side of minimalist.

Green really is the most adaptable colour choice when it comes to weddings - whether it's season or venue related, it works everywhere and anywhere. 


While one half of the wedding world is looking to the forest and the mountains for their foliage-heavy celebrations, we also have one eye on the sea for some new wedding inspiration. Think iridescent and mermaid holographic textures to add a bit of a 'pow' to your wedding decor

Revelry Events / Xander & Thea

Revelry Events / Xander & Thea

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney


2016 saw this texture all over the runway from holographic skirts to shiny mermaid handbags. It's a cool, futuristic pastel trend for weddings that works if you're not super into the au natural look.

Get this look in all your paper products like invitations, table names and place cards like these beauties we designed with BerinMade.


Aaaaand we're back to the green! This prickly choice has been all over home and interior trends for the past year, and it’s making a leap over to the wedding world. Desert-chic and bohemian celebrations call for cactus centrepieces and invitation designs. A great alternative if you’re not into flowers or foliage for your decor.

Revelry Events / Xander & Thea

Revelry Events / Xander & Thea

The key with any trendy motif or theme like this is not to go overboard. A little touch here and there to tie everything together is perfect - no need to go ordering yourself 100 cactus chairs, cactus tablecloths and a cactus print wedding dress. Let's all repeat the 2017 wedding mantra together - less is more.


The S/S 2017 bridal runways were full of incredible wedding dress inspiration, but there were a few common threads we loved the look of. And it mostly involved shoulders. 

To bare or not to bare, that was the question on the catwalk. From Oscar de la Renta to Jenny Packham to Houghton, designers are taking strapless to a new level with off-the-shoulder and Bardot necklines.

Houghton S/S 17

Houghton S/S 17

J. Mendel S/S 17

J. Mendel S/S 17

On the other hand, covering up is also trending hard for 2017. Capes are all over the runway, from adorable button-up capelets to billowing cloaks. A great modern option if you’re not into wearing a veil, but still want something to add a dimension to your gown.

Marchesa S/S 17

Marchesa S/S 17

Temperley S/S 17

Temperley S/S 17

DRIP trip

london wedding planner
wedding planner london

They are without a doubt the most mesmerising 'speed videos' to watch on Instagram (well for us they are), the drip cake is the hottest trend for cakes in the next year. They are a perfect mix of whimsical and bold - it works with any colour palette and you can personalise the heck out of it with all your favourites. Cake designers seem to be sticking anything on the top of those cakes - probably an entire other cake next.

Late in 2016, we experimented with the drip design with Berinmade with this stationery suite with bold and bright colours. It's a little badass and we love it.


Food stations, displays and trucks are still going strong in the trend stakes and caterers are under pressure to up their game when it comes to new ideas. Wedding food is becoming an experience as well as a necessity.

Food stations and carts of recent years have injected the fun back into buffet style dining, and that will remain strong. And food displays like donut walls and whimsical tabletop gardens of cakes will not be going anywhere. But 2017 may see a little more theatre when it comes to presentation.

london wedding planner

Whether it's gourmet comfort food or haute cuisine, food combines with entertainment. A Champagne and Oyster bar with the chef shucking oysters right in front of you, or sushi station where your guests also learn how it's made!

Some caterers like Caiger & Co are bring the dessert buffet to the next level by clearing each wedding table of plates and cutlery, and rolling out long pieces of parchment paper to place individual desserts, truffles, artistic smears of chocolate and more right in front of your guests - almost like they are creating artwork with food - and added dry ice for theatrical effect!


This trend prediction may not hit the mainstream in 2017, but we think it's one to watch. With a technology boom that brought to the high street everything from the 360 camera to affordable VR headsets you can put your phone into to play games, it's only a matter of time before couples start seeing the benefit of using this tech in their weddings. Imagine being able to capture a 360 film from the point of view from one of your guests (or even yourselves at times) of your walk down the aisle, your vows, your first dance. Imagine being able to watch that video with a VR headset on months, years, decades later and be able to immerse yourself in the day all over again. Pick up on detail that even photo and standard video don't get to capture, but more than anything it's capturing the experience from right in the centre. Wouldn't that be incredible? 

Not only is it perfect for guests who aren't able to be with you on your day, it's also a time capsule which allows your children and grandchildren to actually be at your wedding decades later? So awesome!

If you're curious, you can see our trend predictions for 2016 right over here.

If you're inspired by any of these trends, just drop us a line and we can help make them a reality on your big day!