Fictional Follies: Buffy + Angel

We cannot tell you how much we loved this show! There has not been another sci-fi / fantasy TV show that has even come close to the genius of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and spin off show Angel). We could make this blog a little thesis on strong, powerful women in TV and make our case for the importance of Buffy in the world, but instead we're going to keep it romantic and imagine what if! What if that pesky curse hadn't got in the way and Buffy and Angel did get married and live happily ever after. 

We're envisioning an intimate and romantic candlelit wedding. It would take place in the evening - vampires don't do well in sunlight - positioning light against dark to create a beautiful and atmospheric setting.

Angel isn't welcome in a place of worship but a desecrated chapel feels like the ideal backdrop to say the vows of a couple who have defined the natural order of things by falling in love.

The chapel would be dimly lit by candlelight with just one dark wooden table set with candles, dark crockery and goblets for the few guests that will join them.

Bringing some much needed light to the proceedings will be the soft pastel flowers that litter the chapel, and are used in the button holes and bouquet. 

Buffy will be an etherial bride in a light and floaty dress (perfect for impromptu vampire slaying if needed) with flowers weaved in her hair.

And of course the rings, it couldn't it be anything but a Claddagh ring that Angel first gave to Buffy back in season two.

Ahhh, if only things had worked out for these two.