Fictional Follies: Katniss + Peeta

READER WARNING: This month's Fictional Follies may cause some Hunger Games readers extreme squeals, happy tears or excessive jumping up and down in excitement. 

That's right - it's Katniss and Peeta.

Now, I was never that much of a Peeta fan. Personally, when I was reading the books I was a Gale girl. But, there's no denying these two for the true match they are. Suicide pacts sort of make that the case.

So what's in store for these two and their epic nuptials?

It's the perfect mix of Capitol glamour with the rustic feeling of home. Katniss in an ethereal, majestic gown with her Mockingjay embellishments, Peeta in a simple light-coloured suit.

The setting - the safe, secluded woodlands with only a handful of their closest (remaining...) friends and family.

The bow and arrow that made Katniss so formidable in the field plays a big role in the design - a cluster of gold arrows instead of a bouquet (Katiniss doesn't strike us as the flowery type) and a table plan designed like her target practice.

As Peeta the baker's son, he makes his mark on the wedding design with a smorgasbord of baked goods for the guests to enjoy. A symbol of hearth and home but also their first significant encounter and gesture of love. And as if one food stuff wasn't enough of a connection between these two - we have the blueberry shots as a nod to the Nightlock berries they were both planning to die together with rather than kill each other in the area - romantic right? Also - antioxidant bonus.

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