Fictional Follies: Ron + Hermione

As event planners and designers we love getting to grips with a new concepts and style inspiration. We play around with colours and ideas inspired by our real life clients but also everything around us -  from movies to shop windows to homeware. Our new blog series is a way for us to flex our creative muscles and come up with some design ideas for couples that live on the page or on the screen - dream up how their wedding might have been and hope real life couples might take some inspiration from these fantasies!

And our inaugural Fictional Follies feature - the inimitable Ron and Hermione.

These guys are the perfect mix of silliness and sophistication - Ron's sense of humour and Hermione's refined style. A recipe (or potion...) for an epic wedding if we ever saw one.

We can imagine Hermione pretty much taking over all wedmin - binders and Pinterest boards and post it notes and all. And though she might concede to Ron on some of the fun parts of planning like drinks and transport, she's pretty much the boss of this shindig. So we picked out a colour scheme all about her. Soft jewel tones inspired by one of her classic outfits from the films, her rose pink ballgown.


Dark pinks and jewel tones to set a feminine and magical tone for the day - perfect for a whimsical Autumn wedding. And when it comes to her bridal look? Well, Miss Granger soon-to-be Weasley doesn't disappoint. A subtle, wavy updo and minimal, Autumnal make up to let that Marchesa embellished dress shine.

A moody base palette of navy blue and dark pinks and purples are offset on the table by lighter hues of blush and lilac. An eclectic mix of glassware gives texture to the tablescape. And of course, a cascade of fairy lights around the space as dusk falls to create a truly magical atmosphere.

And we can't forget the little details that make a wedding a Weasley-Granger wedding. Dispensers of butterbeer and other custom tipples for cocktail hour, whisky favours in Liquid Luck bottles, and a table runner made out of the pages of their favourite books inspired by Hermione's love of learning.

What do you think?