Fictional Follies: Ross + Rachel: The One With Two Parts [Part Two]

Known as the ultimate will they/won't they couple, Ross and Rachel finally got together at the end of the series and we assume they went on to get married and live happily ever after without being 'on a  break' again.

As Holly said, we each have a different version of events for our favourite New York couple, but both versions are rooted in episodes. My R&R wedding takes place in New York, and more importantly the Plaza.

Why the Plaza? Well not only is it an iconic New York wedding venue, but her dad thinks he can book it on short notice (season 8, episode 8: The One with the Stripper). Plus, let's be practical for a second (like Ross would be), they have a small child and Monica and Chandler now have two babies. Any wedding taking place in the next couple of years has to be easy enough for their best friends and children to attend. Which is why I make my case for The One with the New York Wedding!

So we start with The Plaza and Rachel is an on trend kinda gal so I think she'd be embracing the 2016 palm with minimal but striking centrepieces and plants arounds the room. Keeping the whole design of the wedding sleek and modern in an ornate space.

There would be pops of colour with the bouquet which would also add interest to the cakes and yes I do say cakes because, well, Joey will be there! 

Obviously Rachel will be in designer, Vera Wang being the classic and Phoebe and Monica would look great in the same elegant green formal dress.

But what about Ross, well he gets some say in all of this. Upon arrivals, guests are given a signature cocktail. It's a Margarita of course but a slightly more stylish version. And there is no getting away from the dinosaurs which will act as place cards.

So we both rest our case. NYC vs. the beach. Let the bride wars commence...