Fictional Follies: Ross + Rachel [Part one]

Our Fictional Follies blog series continues! We're pretty happy about our couple choice for this week - yes it's been 10 years since we last saw them but we're pretty sure they had an epic wedding and have many more adorable little Geller-Greens - it's Ross and Rachel.

Now both of us feel so passionately about this one it's sparked civil war in the Revelry office... Both Susie and I have totally different ideas on how we think these nuptuals would go down. So there's only one thing for it...we put it to a vote! Today we're talking through my version of events, and later this week Susie will make her pitch. Then we'll let the numbers tell us the winner. And so, I shall make my case.

There's just something about Rachel that says 'destination wedding' to me. Hey, she nearly went to Paris, and the faux wedding she describes to Ross was 'on a clifftop in Barbados' with Stevie Wonder singing Isn't She Lovely as she walks down the aisle...we're feeling a Tuscan or Mexican elopement for these two.

As with any perfect couple, Ross and Rachel are a blend of opposites. Geeky Ross and stylish Rachel have a busy and complicated past but their wedding style is anything but. It's sleek, it's simple and it's minimal. We imagine they would invite only close friends and family for this little wedding trip overseas.

We're talking soft fabrics, brass urns, big blooms and style, style, style. It's classic and sophisticated with a white-driven colour palette of neutrals and muted pastels.

Cascading floral displays of huge blooms like peonies and king protea, with some soft trailing eucalyptus. Ghost chairs are just the right level of cool, stylish and unusual to suit both of them.

Beachy waves and a glowing make up look contrasts her frankly stunning embellished gown by Inbal Dror (not blind Belgian nuns).

And, of course, the finishing touches for any perfect Geller-Green union has to be dinosaurs and lobsters. Yes they are a little out of place with the overall ethereal, elegant vibe, but hey, it's Ross. Let him have his toys.

Stay tuned for Susie's take on this epic wedding! And then we shall vote...