Interview with a wedding planner (or two) part deux

About this time last year we interviewed each other, it was hard hitting journalism at it’s best! You can check it out here.

Another year has gone by and Revelry Events has done even more amazing weddings, got a new office and gained two new additions, neither of which have yet got to grips with a spreadsheet or Pinterest (babies, I’m talking about babies here not terrible staff). Anyhoo, we thought it was time to ramble on about ourselves again.

So Holly, you’ve been a wedding planner since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, what’s your absolute favourite thing about it?

First of all, rude.

I planned my first official wedding in ‘08. Back when Obama was elected president, the first Iron Man movie was in cinemas and Single Ladies was on every radio station Wow. Ok yeah, this seems prehistoric now, I see your point.

My favourite thing is that even though trends have changed and the way weddings look is always different, the feelings and emotions behind them are the same. I love solving problems. Taking the stress and worry a couple have about how on earth they are going to pull this wedding thing off, and having the answers. I love having the answers. And hearing that literal sigh of relief when a couple realises you’ve got this for them.


And where, venue or location, would you most like to plan a wedding?

SO excited to be ticking off some of the dream wedding locations off the list this year already - Aynhoe Park, Great Fosters, Painted Hall. But still on my list would be somewhere coastal or mountainous with an epic view - like a cliffside hotel in Cornwall or a castle overlooking the Highlands. All about that scenery.

What about celebs, who is on your wish list to get that call from?

I mean, how nuts would Lady Gaga’s wedding be? That’s the dream. Otherwise, it’s a tie between Ellie Goulding and Gina Rodriguez.

Moving away from weddings, let’s go for a quick fire round. Guilty pleasure song?

Right now it’s the Trolls soundtrack. I recently watched it (134 times) with my 3 year old, and she requests the soundtrack on loop when we drive to nursery. And you know what, maybe it’s a case of Stockholm Syndrome or maybe it’s actually that it’s a really good album, but do I always turn it off after I’ve dropped her off? Do I heck.

Currently binging on Netflix?

I’ve just finished You, which was amazing. I’m after a new suggestion to get me through to when the next GOT season drops, otherwise I’ll just restart Gossip Girl again for background noise. Hit me, people!

Currently reading?

I have a bit of a thing for books with something to do with time travel. It’s pretty niche. Like, my all time favourite book is The Time Traveller’s Wife. So right now I’m reading two - The Outcasts of Time by Ian Mortimer, and How to Stop Time by Matt Haig. I’m after my next one, suggestions please!

And back to the thinkers, you’re Queen for a day, what do you do?

I would probably ask to see all the secret parts of historical buildings. I just love a bit of history and I’m fascinated by the Royals (which is why I love that we get to work in so many historic and iconic buildings in Greenwich) and I would want to peek behind the curtain a bit. So essentially I’d probably just potter around one of my own houses and find some secret passageways.

What would older you tell younger you if you got the chance?

Growing up I used to feel so much older in my head than I was in reality, always wanting to be a proper grown up doing proper grown up stuff - old before my time. And, fittingly for my career, I planned my life out pretty neatly, many years in advance.

I started my own business right out of university and I got married not long after. At 21 I didn’t want to go to clubbing, backpack around the world or live with five roommates, I wanted to be a wife and a mother with a successful business who had different kinds of adventures. And even though there is nothing wrong with wanting that and I do not regret a single life choice, I will be telling my own daughters to slow it down, not to keep striving for the next milestone, not wish themselves older than they are, and to go with the flow and live in the moment.

What is on your bucket list?

Visiting Japan is high up there, and we’re planning to take a big family trip there next Spring! Two young kids on a 12 hour flight? Wish us luck.

Who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party?

Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Jimmy Fallon, Simon Pegg, Kristin Wiig, Bill Hader, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler. Next question.


Sounds awesome, who doesn’t love the Krunts (as they call themselves). What quote or motto do you try to live by?

Work hard and be nice to people. Or one I saw recently on Instagram that I will now steal - ‘be a fucking pleasure to work with’.


Susie -  mate - we both grew humans since our last Q&A! High five! How’s that working mama thing going for you?

It’s working out quite nicely. I am very lucky to have a hubby that also works for himself so we can share the childcare more easily. Of course it’s a bit of a juggle sometimes but for the most part I find I’m more productive at work and more present when I’m with my son. Plus I love our new office which makes working without distraction so easy.

When we met four (OMG, four??) years ago, you were getting ready to move out of PR and try your hand at wedding planning. What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned since then?

Hmmm, good question. I guess I’ve learnt that my skills are transferable yay! But also a hell of a lot about the wedding industry and what it means to run a business. I think my years in PR and dealing with big brands have given me some good business acumen (as they say in The Apprentice) and I’ve enjoyed being able to put that into practice and learn more along the way.

Also, huge news! You’re heading north of the wall later this year to open up a Revelry Office in Scotland! What are you excited about?

Oh my god I am so excited about this. WINTER IS COMING!!

I cannot wait to make pals with all the amazing suppliers, work in some gorgeous castles, organise Highland elopements and finally try a deep fried mars bar!


Sick. Which recent celebrity wedding do you wish you could have planned? You know, if they hadn’t lost your number.

Obviously Harry and Megan because I have such a soft spot for them, but Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie’s looked like a Scottish wedding I’d like to get my grubby paws on. Plus Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s wedding looked EPIC!

Aside from old Love Island seasons, what are you watching right now?

I wish Love Island was all year round, I’d be so happy!

We’ve just started the second series of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel which is just brilliant and so funny. I thoroughly recommend.

Agreed! People seem to be doing a lot of this #10yearchallenge on social, is 10 years ago you worth a mention here?

24 year old me was working for a PR company in Camden, drinking in the Hawley Arms and blagging my way into as many freebie events via work as I could (claim to fame is seeing Usher’s soundcheck, he is tiny!). Basically I was poor because just out of Uni wages were shocking, but I was happy and usually drunk.

34 year old me drinks tea, listens to Heart FM and searches Pinterest for good looking kitchens.

Which phrase or word do you find yourself saying most?

To my son “Where are you off to now mate?” He’s just started crawling, he is EVERYWHERE!

To my husband “No, you can’t have chorizo on this” . We’re trying to do the planet a solid and eat a more plant based diet.

What do you love most (and will miss most) about living in London?

You and my other pals obviously, but I’ll also just miss London being London. It’s been my home for 12 years and I still get a buzz when I walk over the Thames. It’s such a special city that absolutely has my heart. I will be very sad to say goodbye.

I also went to the Grant Museum of Zoology the other day and saw a jar of moles, an actual jar of moles. It’s little treasures like that which make London what it is.

What would be your dream trip, if money was no object?

The moon! I want to see the Earth from space. I also really want to go to Pig Beach in the Bahamas where you can swim with wild pigs in the sea. Rumour has it that they were dropped off on the island by sailors who planned to come back and eat them for dinner, the sailors never returned and the pigs bred.


That is honestly one of the most interesting things I’ve heard, ever. Best thing about being a wedding planner?

Organising, organising, organising. I love lists, spreadsheets, bullet points, anything orderly. I also love working with a client through the whole planning process and their face when they first walk into the room and see how amazing it looks.

Favourite trend from our predictions for 2019?

I really like the colour of the year, living coral, I was not keen on 2018’s colour ultra violet. I also like the move to more natural materials, in fact I’ve got a wedding in Oct using stoneware crockery so they’re very on trend. I do miss Llamas though I’d like it if we saw more llamas in 2019, to be honest I’d like it if we saw more llamas every year.

Thanks for reading!

Holly & Susie