Wedding Ideas: Photo booths

Photo booth alternatives

If you've been to a wedding in the past five years then you've probably taken your turn in a photo booth. You've posed with props, made funny faces and if you're anything like us moaned that you don;'t photograph as well as Gigi Hadid! We can't all be photogenic, rich and dating an ex directioner can we!

It's ok to be bored with photo booths, you might think they've had their day, but if you think your guests will love them (and inevitably they do) there are ways of doing photo booths with a twist. 


Before photo booths there were disposable cameras and before disposable cameras there were polaroids. What was once dated is now nostalgically pretty and dare we say it, the epitome of vintage. If you want a photo booth with a difference then try handing out polaroids and creating a place for people to hang their pictures.

Create your own background

Sticking with the DIY theme you could create your own personal background instead of using a ready made booth. Theme it with the rest of your wedding or make it personal to you to put a spin on the photo booth trend.

Slow mo video booth

As technology marches on we've moved from photo to video and a number of companies offer a slow mo video booth instead. These are loads of fun, much more interactive and unusual than a photo booth and less likely to be known by your guests.


Remember them from school? Well they are back in fashion for weddings and make an amazing little keep sake for guests. In fact they could even double up as favours. These short videos are made into little books that when you flip through them they come alive!