Fictional Follies: Maggie and Glenn

Spoiler alert for The Walking Dead Season 7 - if you've not watched the first episode, do not read on!

If you have watched it then you were probably as heartbroken as us at Glenn's fate, sobbing doesn't cut it, we were bereft for days. And so, because they never got to have their day, we invite you to join us at Maggie and Glenn's wedding as our star crossed lovers finally tie the knot.

In a world of walkers and untrustworthy survivors, keeping it low key and natural behind the safety of Alexandria's walls is the only way to go so they won't be heading to some unknown venue.

With resources thin on the ground, our kick ass couple have to make the most of what they have, with a natural colour palette and textures of wood, stone, greenery and wild flowers.

The day starts with an outside ceremony - tree trunks, leaves and candles line the aisle which Maggie walks up wearing a simple white dresses, a delicate crown of flowers and carrying a simple bouquet. With no father to give her away or sister as a bridesmaid she makes the trip on her own.

Once wed by the Reverend Gabriel it's time to eat. Long tables are laid out in the streets of Alexandria. Down the middle natural greenery and flowers that have been foraged sit in glass jars and vases and simple linens and crockery set each place. Behind the Bride and Groom is a simple twine and flower heart to mark their place.

A make shift guest book does the rounds while everyone eats, until the Bride and Groom cut the semi naked cake made and decorated by resident baker Carol. 

The day ends with drinking but not much dancing to avoid attracting the walkers. Oh and in case you were wondering, Negan wasn't invited!