Wedding Trendwatch: Boho Nouveau

Boho. It's one of those words that you've heard for such a long time that you've probably become a bit immune to it. These days it's slapped on anything to mean something else. A rustic outdoor wedding is boho. Tipis are boho. A lacy dress is boho. Mason jars are boho...

Historically, to be bohemian was to go against convention, to be artistic and free. Does that not scream our mantra of rulebook-free to you?? But we're adding a little touch of glamour to this rustic style choice. It's luxe but low-key.

Sequin and feather bridesmaids in the woods are the most beautiful things we've ever seen...

We love mixing the great outdoors with luxe touches that you might normally find in another space - these metallic and sequin textures add such a gorgeous glam touch to the outdoor ceremony space.

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Wedding Ideas: Festivals

Inspiration: WedFest

We think it's still safe to say the festival wedding trend that emerged a few years ago is still going pretty strong. Right now we're working with three couples who are taking inspiration from glam, chilled summer festivals for their big days - often making it a two or three day event to add to the hype!

So today we've picked out our favourite ideas for festival-inspired wedding weekends and we would LOVE to know what you have planned for yours. Head over to our board for more!