5 Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

For some couples, the words "wedding entertainment" conjures up images of bad DJs and cheesy magicians (maybe from watching our parents weddings on VHS? Just a thought). But guys, it's 2017 - and a brave new wedding entertainment awaits you. Here are our top five alternative ideas for wowing your guests and making your day absolutely perfect!

For the Ceremony

Instead of the usual pre-ceremony Spotify playlist, string quartet or your favourite instrumentals over the sound system as you walk down the aisle, think bigger and choose a live performance of a song (or songs) that mean something really special to you.

Howell Photography

Howell Photography

Have a choral performance of a modern mashup, or undercover singers popping up at the perfect moment to sing you down the aisle.

For the Drinks Reception

Instead of trays or a bar, surprise your guests with strolling tables - waitresses wearing outfits made out of shelves or tables to display your tasty food and drink options!

Cleo Entertainment

Cleo Entertainment

For the kids (but let's face it, also the adults) hire a bubble performer to wow your guests during cocktail hour or while you have your family photos taken!

For the Dinner

Even though guests are occupied for the most part with the food in front of them during the wedding meal, there will still be some lag time between courses - so why not fill it with a little bit of complementary entertainment?

Turn your reception into a comedy club for half an hour, and ramp up to your speeches with a short set from a stand-up comedian! Or have a close-hand magician go table to table to mystify your guests...

The Singing Waiters

The Singing Waiters

And if you're feeling even more brave, look into some singing waiters to perform after your mains! Will never fail to surprise and delight!

For the First Dance

We think it's safe to say not everyone enjoys swaying alone in the middle of a circle of 150 of your closest friends and family, so why not enlist some professional help? Sway for a few bars and then bring on a dance performance of pros to draw guests onto the dance floor and learn some new moves! A few years ago we had Brazilian dancers storm the dance floor after the first dance and really get the party started!

london wedding planner indian

For the Party

Amp up your DJ set by bringing in a saxophonist to play along with the music - trust us, we've used this for two weddings now, and it hasn't failed to heighten an already amazing time of the night with a bit of spectacle!



When it comes down to it, it's your wedding day and you should feel able to break the rules of what you've seen of weddings past - do your own thing and entertain how you would want to be entertained!

10 Creative Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

Having the perfect ceremony backdrop is like creating a personalised frame around that perfect image of the moment you finally say I Do (or 'I will' if you want to get legal). It's the most important photo you'll get of this life-changing day, which is why a lot of couples go all out on what's behind them. It's a great opportunity to put your stamp on your ceremony and your venue, and get creative!

Here are some of a few of our favourite designs and ideas for ceremony backdrops, whether you're indoors or outdoors, using everything from lighting and flowers to laser cut signs and entire bespoke structures!

wedding ceremony backdrop ideas
wedding ceremony backdrop ideas
wedding ceremony backdrop ideas
wedding ceremony backdrop ideas
wedding ceremony backdrop ideas
wedding ceremony backdrop ideas
wedding ceremony backdrop ideas
wedding ceremony backdrop ideas

See more inspiration and find credits over on our Pinterest board for ceremony backdrops!

How to Choose Your Wedding Readings

Here at Revelry Towers we're big fans of doing things your way. Which means no rules when it comes to picking wedding readings - that's if you even want them at all.

With wedding readings anything goes so its best to start by narrowing down your style. It's common sense really, but if you're having a traditional wedding it will jar if you have a very informal reading during the ceremony and vice versa.

Once you've got your style nailed you need to decide if you want to pick a reading that's personal to you and your other half or just something you like the sound of. If you go for something personal, think about all the books, films, poetry, songs etc... that you both like. Is there anything you can pull from there to make it really individual? If you want to use an existing reading, think about what you want it to say. Are you looking for messages of hope, love, companionship or humour? 

So we've done the hard work for you. Here are some great places to find readings that would suit weddings of all shapes and sizes.

A library of options for poem lovers

A list of modern favourites

Readings for book worms

Young at heart Disney Lovers

Playing it for laughs

Some lovely alternatives you don't hear too often

Wedding Planning Advice | Unofficial Officiants


We've all got that one friend or family member who you just know would make the perfect officiant at your wedding - that charismatic uncle of yours with impeccable comic timing, or your thespian friend with just the right amount of gravitas.

For many couples, having friends and family perform your wedding ceremony is the ideal way to go. But so many are put off by the confusing legalities of it. Well, today we're going to give you the skinny on it - what you can and can't do and some solutions for those pesky problems.

The main stumbling block is that unless your friend happens to already be a priest, rabbi, imam or humanist celebrant, you won't be able to be legally married. There's a lot out there (we blame the Friends writers) that gives you the impression it's easy to just get ordained online, but it's not like that in the UK where the rules are a lot more rigid than in the US and Oz, where you can literally get married anywhere. It won't be legal and it's just a little dodgy for our liking.

So what's the solution if you want to have your friend or family member perform the ceremony?

The only way around it for many is to have two ceremonies. Lots of couples are put off by this idea, worrying that the drama is lost for that one big moment you get with one ceremony. But you can make it work for you.

If you don't mind doing the legal bit beforehand, a short civil ceremony with a registrar and a few close friends and family is a great way to stretch out the celebrations. In fact, one of our couples this year is opting to have their wedding celebration with their 150 guests in one month, and then have the legal ceremony a whole month later with a totally different style celebration - so much fun!

But if you're keen to just have your one wedding day, be aware of a few different rules.

You can opt to do one ceremony after the other - your legal bit and then your proper ceremony led by your friend - but your legal officiant has to be off site before your friend can start leading the ceremony. Which could make timings a little difficult.

Why not speak to your venue and see if you can plan a small legal ceremony with your officiant and your witnesses earlier in the afternoon before the rest of your guests arrive - either at the same location or elsewhere - and then have your main ceremony several hours later led by your friend or family member. The other guests need never know!

If even the thought of two ceremonies in one day doesn't float your boat - speak to your official officiant about how you can integrate your friends and family into the legal ceremony. Sure, there's the option of having someone read a poem or sing a song, but if you want them to have a larger part in the wedding, speak to the officiant about some other options. They will always be accommodating to your needs - it's your day and you want it to be special for you.

Get creative but always check with your legal officiant to find the best way forward!