Wedding Ideas: Nude + Natural

Get your mind out of the gutter, we're talking about nude and neutral colour palettes. Calm yourself.

Oh yes, everything from Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit palette to the latest Yeezy season colours (wow, are all my references Kardashian related?), everything is coming up earth tones.

Blush, taupe, biscuit, buff, nude, eggshell (yes these are real colour names). Neutral colours are next season's biggest colour trend.

As with the crisp white Scandi looks of this and last year's weddings, nude palettes pop best with lush greens, natural textures like wood, and soft textiles like organza or velvet. It's got both a luxe and an earthy, natural feel which makes it work whether you're in a luxury ballroom or a tent in the wilderness.

Have a look at some of our nude pics. *cough* I mean nude inspired colours for weddings...

For credits and more inspo go to our Pinterest board for Nude + Neutral wedding colours!

Wedding Ideas: Blue

Inspiration: January Blues

Oh yes - rainy, grey January has rolled around once again and for most people that means back to desks, wishing you were still cuddled up in front of Christmas TV. But don't despair! We think you'll be perked up with our take on January blues.

Blue is absolutely making a comeback for 2016 weddings, looking sophisticated and fabulous teamed with metallics and natural greenery. Try mixing up shades of blue for a truly dynamic effect - inky navy with pale ice blue, deep sea sapphire with bold turquoise.

Turn those January blues in your favour, and head over to our Pinterest board for more inspiration!