Wedding Inspo | Club Tropicana

We think it's fair to say that sunny wedding inspiration is still having it's day in the...well, sun.

Vibrant colours, tropical flavours, destination vibes. All perfect for a summer wedding whether it's in the city or actually on a beach.

We can't get enough of it, so we're sharing the love with you!

The Attire

The Food


The Decor

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Fictional Follies | Claire and Jamie

We're headed to the Highlands for this next instalment of Fictional Follies, and yes - there are kilts.

If you're a fan of Outlander like we are then you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the next season. You wish you had time-travel so you could get there faster. So meanwhile, we thought we'd take a little look at what a modern day Claire and Jamie Fraser wedding would look like.

outlander wedding

Yes so we already saw a wedding in 18th century Scotland, but let's have a go at bringing it into modern day where they had nice things like crockery and proper underwear.

outlander wedding
outlander wedding

First off, this thing is going to be super intimate. Maybe not quite an elopement - maybe a few clansmen and women - but a small gathering for a ceremony and a beautiful, simple picnic with a view.

outlander wedding
outlander wedding
outlander wedding
outlander wedding

For Claire, we're thinking simple, long-sleeve lace gowns with a bold, unusual, statement bouquet. A simple beaded or nature-inspired crown on a messy updo.


outlander wedding
outlander wedding
outlander wedding

The table is moody and messy with wildflowers, fruit and gathered objects adorning the table for a fine celebratory feast.

outlander wedding

And of course, off they head afterwards into the Highland mist together in a vintage car.

See credits and more modern Scotland inspiration for Claire and Jamie over on our Pinterest page!

Party Inspo | Easter

It's not always veils and buttonholes around this joint.

Easter is nearly here and we know good celebration inspiration when we see it.

A casual brunch with friends, egg hunt for the kids, a post-church picnic in the park or just spice up your usual Easter roast table. Bunnies and eggs for all!

The Table

party planner london revelry events
party planner london revelry events
party planner london revelry events
party planner london revelry events

The Food

party planner london revelry events
creme egg brownies
party planner london revelry events
bunny fruit shapes easter

The Details

diy bunny ears easter
mini eggs tea cup easter decorations
easter decoration ideas diy
diy easter decorations tulips umbrella

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Fresh Festival Wedding Ideas

Festival-style weddings has been one of those trends that appears one year and then never leaves. It's a keeper. Don't get us wrong, we love it - the freedom, the creativity, the great outdoors - but after three or four years of popularity it might be time to look at how you can breathe new life into the idea and have a truly fresh, modern festival wedding.

Instead of colourful wellies, floral bunting, hand-painted directional signs and hay bale sofas that complement the outdoors - go for contrast and pair modern elements like lucite, neon brights and technology with your outdoor wedding weekend.

If you're confident in the weather (still please also have a Plan B...) set out your dinner tables outdoors in a mix of floor seating and unusual chairs. Keep it fresh and different with your set up of each table - no one said it had to be uniform! A truly festival wedding will look thrown together in the most stylist way!

Get into the clear wedding trend and write your signage on lucite or perspex for a truly modern look. 

Experiment with non-floral decor with leaves and foliage like the sadly under-used pampas grass. Mini fabric banner signs could be a fun DIY (or let's face it, Etsy) job for letting people know what's what or just showing off some of your favourite quotes.

Play with colour! The best festivals are fun, vibrant and colourful so inject some bright details into your day to contrast the rustic setting, especially if you're having a tipi or a marquee - splash some colour on that blank canvas!

Discovery of the week is this incredible service from Beat Woven - take your favourite song or sound, and this company will turn it into the most beautiful fabric using the audio signature. How gorgeous is this? Perfect for a music-loving couple wanting a music-festival style wedding!

See more festival inspiration on our Pinterest page!

Wedding ideas: Style and Decor

Inspiration: The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is back and bringing some amazing 'on trend' wedding inspiration with it! Here are the bare necessities...

Greenery is obviously the way to go with this design - palms, foliage, anything wild that you can work into your room. Already green spaces like conservatories or gardens work for this brilliantly, but a total blank canvas like a gallery could work just as well.

If money is tight, make your own palm and foliage backdrop on a feature wall like this one, if it's not - drape the entire ceiling of your reception in wild greenery for an incredible impact.

Palm touches on the table settings work really well with dark woods. Splash a little colour and texture in there with some dark reds, yellows or pinks to highlight at key features. Work in some fun fruity elements into the table by using pineapples as vases or fruit on the place setting.

Watercolour palm designs are gorgeous in stationery - especially those little details like envelope liners. Simple hair pieces of leaves work for both a formal or informal hairstyle.

Ghost chairs add a contemporary twist to such a wild theme. Being so transparent, they don't distract from the overall design too much, even en masse. Little lounge areas with wicker feature chairs can make for a fun lounge area or photo backdrop.

See more jungle inspiration over on our Pinterest board and let us know what you think!

Wedding Ideas: Blue

Inspiration: January Blues

Oh yes - rainy, grey January has rolled around once again and for most people that means back to desks, wishing you were still cuddled up in front of Christmas TV. But don't despair! We think you'll be perked up with our take on January blues.

Blue is absolutely making a comeback for 2016 weddings, looking sophisticated and fabulous teamed with metallics and natural greenery. Try mixing up shades of blue for a truly dynamic effect - inky navy with pale ice blue, deep sea sapphire with bold turquoise.

Turn those January blues in your favour, and head over to our Pinterest board for more inspiration!