Fictional Follies: Sheldon and Amy

Today's Fictional Follies instalment is a love so scientifically perfect, so iconic, so beautifully nerdy - it's Dr Sheldon Cooper and Dr Amy Farrah Fowler. 

So what would this glorious coming together of minds look like? There's just too much geeky goodness to choose from.

Both Amy and Sheldon, despite their outer quirkiness, we think would both still just want to look amazing. A slick tuxedo for Sheldon to play out a James Bond fantasy, and for Amy a simple gown and bolero fit for a princess (remember her bridesmaid dress for Howard and Bernadette's wedding? Yeah ya do). Oh and sensible shoes.

london wedding planner
london wedding planner

But though there is tradition at heart of it, there's a whole lot of fun to be had with their wedding design. Drawing inspiration from their work and their hobbies, reflecting their personalities like a good wedding should. 

london wedding planner
london wedding planner

A simple, white tiered wedding cake with comic book detailing is the perfect summary of their traditional meets quirky day, as well as the groomsmen's simple grey suits with a pop of yellow in their matching converse.


Brainy details like the seating plan of periodic tables, and the signage made up from elementary symbols. Scientific beakers house beautiful blooms, or custom cocktails.

A wedding in which Sheldon was the groom wouldn't be right without a ton of popular culture references. Games, TV shows and movies would have their own role to play in decking out the reception space.

For more 'Shamy' wedding inspiration, head over to our Pinterest board and let us know what you think!

8 Stunning Winter Wedding Bouquets

In the bleak midwinter...the bride and her bouquet were looking fierce.

There are so many great options for the colder months when it comes to your wedding florals, even if that means no florals at all.

Here's what we're loving for this season!

This gorgeous arrangement by Peony N' Pearl is full of dusty pinks, peaches and cool coloured foliage, with David Austin roses, mini white orchids and seasonal fruit. 

This rich and luxurious winter bouquet is brought together with silver eucalyptus ,mentha and velvet grand prix roses contrasted with scabiosa seed pods and elderberries, by the talented Fairleys Bespoke Floristry.

This refreshing bouquet was created by Jennifer Pinder, using thistles, grey foliage and white waxflower with muted purples and dusty pinks. 


Who knew cotton would look so cool in a bouquet? Looks so snowy and fluffy, with white roses and earth foliage. Expertly put together by Maison De La Croix

How about just bold, green foliage to cheer up a gloomy month? Such a luscious, wild bouquet of fern and berried foliage. Put together by the incredible Type A Society

This black winter bouquet is seriously chic, using anemones and deep purple orchids, from The Flower Cannon

winter wedding bouquet

Loving this bouquet by Flower Power, with pine branches making it like carrying an awesome little Christmas tree down the aisle. 

winter wedding

A perfect silvery bouquet of artemesia, silver brunia, blue hhistle, rananculus, baby's breath, and stock.

Oh swoon!

How to Say No to Kids at Weddings


Some people love kids at weddings, some people think they make the day and there is nothing more enjoyable than watching a kid run and slide across a dance floor on his knees. I am not 'some people'. 

As I've previously bragged, I'm getting married and luckily both myself and him indoors have the same no kids at weddings stance and even more luckily we don't have many kids to consider as a lot of our friends haven't started procreating yet. However, there are some and we still need to figure out the best way to say we'd love to have you at our wedding but please leave your screaming, messy brood at home. 

How do you deal with that we hear you ask, well we've got a foolproof guide!

1. Pretend that you love kids and nothing would please you more than having them at the wedding. This is called lulling them into a false sense of security before you strike!

2. Once they're totally bought into the idea that you don't hate other people's children, make your case that there will be NOTHING and we mean NOTHING for them to do. Weddings can be such long days and those poor kids will just be so bored.

3. If they're still not buying it, appeal to their selfish nature. You're thinking about them, you really are. How nice will it be for them to have a night off without the kids and really enjoy themselves without having to worry who's sticking peas up their nose.

4. If none of the above works and you're dealing with people who actually LIKE children and want to spend their time with them then you need to ramp it up to def con 5 and ghost them.* Yeah sure, you lose a couple of friends in the process but do you really want to be friends with people who like kids THAT much?!


You could just have an honest conversation with any of your guests who have children explaining that your wedding day is not an environment for children. You'd love to have your friends there but understand if its too difficult for them to find a babysitter or leave their kids behind. If so then you can arrange to meet up with them (and said children) separately after the wedding and save them a favour or slice of cake so they feel included in the celebration even though they weren't there.

Although we're partial to option A, we think you might be more successful with option B! 

When it comes to inviting children to weddings, people can feel quite strongly about it either way so tread lightly and be tactful.  

*ceasing all communication as seen by Charlize Theron on Sean Penn