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In 2017, we hosted our very first wedding show at jj Wimborne in Hackney. Born out of a boredom of the average wedding fair format we'd seen in our ten years in the industry. We thought brides, grooms and suppliers deserve better than 'a sea of trestle tables' in a church hall or conference centre. It was time for a refresh.

We wanted to do something more interactive, more stylish, and more fun. Something that really gave each supplier an opportunity to be creative and for guests to really enjoy themselves.

In our day job we're huge advocates of rulebook-free weddings - weddings that don't blindly follow traditions, but instead make their own rules and are truly personal to the couple. That's why we think you deserve more from wedding shows and that's why we created Unruly.


We're over the moon to say the first event was a big success and even better than we had dared to hope for year one, so we are thrilled to be throwing ourselves into planning for an Autumn 2018 show! Keep your eyes peeled over on

We'll be announcing our applications process for 2018 in the Spring, but for now if you'd like to be the first to get information about applying to exhibit, please submit your information in the form below, and we'll make sure you're the first to know the deets for next year!

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