Balloons are cool now...

Yep, that’s right, these air filled objects aren’t just for children’s entertainers making sausage dogs, they’re a bonafide wedding decoration. Be it part of the décor or used for pictures, balloons are versatile and let’s face it, they’ve been fun since you were five years old.



Wedding Ideas: Peter Pan

Inspiration from the Movies: Pan

In the wake of many other fantastic Disney live-action adaptions of our childhood, this month Pan will hit movie screens.

For generations we have been captivated by the story of Peter Pan and Neverland, so what better way to bring your special day together with a tropical palette and a sprinkle of night time sparkle?

I’m in love with this ethereal and woodsy dining area made magical with a canopy of shimmering lights adding that special touch of romance.

Native wild flowers with their evocative beauty, combined with garden blooms make a unique and imaginative bouquet.

Rich and muted jewel tones and rustic metallics work well everywhere, against a backdrop of natural elements like bark, moss and foliage.

It’s a fantastically whimsical style concept, suited to an Autumn, outdoorsy wedding day -and perfect for Pan-fans.