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Little Black Book: Ladybird Flowers

We're shining the spotlight on one of our favourite florists this month. Readers of the blog meet Emma from Ladybird Flowers. We went ahead and asked her some questions so you can get to know her a little better. Here's what she had to say...

What's your favourite part of being a wedding florist?

Meeting wonderful couples and helping them turn their visuals into a reality! I love that I’m one of the suppliers that are lucky enough go through so many stages of their wedding process with them, not just the flowers. For me it’s so important to know about the whole wedding, getting to know the couple, their likes and dislikes, the style and feel they want for the overall day and if they have a particular theme. This is one of the many reasons why visiting the venue with the couple and working closely together throughout is such an important wonderful process. I feel so humbled when couples trust me and share with me their vision and quite a lot of the time their wedding dreams! I can be working with couples from 1 month to 18 months, it doesn’t matter the length of time I have with them, I dedicate the same amount of time and energy to ensure they get their exact vision. I have known to get quite emotional on giving the bride her bridal bouquet, knowing that I have captured their vision exactly and that I’ve delivered above and beyond their expectations is such a beautiful thing.

How would you describe your style?

I adore Mother Nature and her beauty and I would like to think that my style reflects that. I like to observe how the flowers are growing and facing so when I’m arranging them they compliment each other, not look as if they have been forced together or look ‘stiff’. I love my arrangements full to the brim of seasonal flowers, with lots of greenery, in a very natural, relaxed but elegant style. I often describe to my brides that their bouquet will look like they have skipped through the field while scooping up all the wild flowers. Of course it’s never as simple as that but that’s the look we like to go for. My all time favourite flowers are peonies, full to the brim of elegance and beauty, although getting their wonderful blousy petals to open perfectly for your big day can be tricky, but like I say with all beautiful creatures just a little love and TLC and they will be just perfect.

How do you work with clients to provide them with their wedding flowers?

I believe that every wedding is unique and individual to every couple.  I specialise in weddings on any budget so I don’t have a minimum spend.  I am always thrilled to be part of the celebration, whatever the scale.  I can supply bridal party flowers only, or go all out to create breathtaking installations to give your beautiful venue that extra special something for your perfect day. I don’t have prices on my website as these always depend on the size, season and type of flower for each arrangement.  Don’t worry though, we’ll discuss this in great detail during your free phone consultation.  Once we’ve spoken and I’ve got to know you and what you’d like the fun really starts!  I’ll arrange to meet you at your venue so we can go through the specifics and make sure we are all on the same creative page. Once you’ve booked with me I don’t take any other enquiries or bookings for your special day, as I want to ensure my sole focus and passion is dedicated to you. I’m based in London but love travelling around the country.  

What advice would you give couples when they start to look at wedding flowers?

I completely understand that choosing a florist can be a hugely daunting process. With the right florist, your wedding can go from being okay to something sensational. The right florist will not only find you the right flowers, they can also be an important presence in the run up to your wedding and can provide an unbelievably calming influence. My ‘shop’ is Instagram, (I maybe slightly addicted to Instagram!) Facebook and Snapchat. Here you can see my work, get a feel for who I am. Looking through my ‘shop’ allows you to see if I’m the type of person you would like to work with and if you like my style of floristry. I think that’s very important when looking for your florist that you make sure you feel comfortable with him/her, that you trust them and that you love their style. Then the fun part, meeting for coffee and chatting all about you and your wedding day and flowers!

What are the most popular wedding flowers and what flowers would you like more couples to take a chance on?

I’m very lucky to work with couples who primarily want seasonal flowers in all their arrangements and most are pretty open to my suggestions and advice. This works well for couples on a budget and my stress levels! I used some flowers like water lilies and lotus flowers for a wedding last year which had to be shipped in from Thailand. Don’t get me wrong, I loved working with such amazing flowers, it was however just a tad stressful to ensure I got them in time for them to be in their full beauty for the wedding day, opening just enough but not too much that they could possibly over bloom and wilt. I would love to see couples having at least one statement piece such as a flower wall or a floral hanging. Sometimes cutting back on an area of flowers and replacing with one jaw dropping flower installation can have more impact and have your guests talking for months to come…maybe even years!

Are there any floral trends you've seen over the past year and do you have any predictions for the future?

Every wedding is unique and individual to every couple, however there are trends that can dominate the wedding world, especially when it comes to flowers. Last year it was jam jars full to the brim of fresh seasonal flowers, this year we are seeing a change from the rustic and traditional vintage to contemporary urban chic with larger more daring decor.  2016 will see more floral focal areas full of lush seasonal blooms such as flower walls and flower curtains.

For the bride who wants the romantic floral focus to be on her, a floral choker full of peonies is a must.  Teamed with an elegant dress neckline and a fabulous up do, it really can create a show stopping look. In 2016 we are seeing more destination weddings to guarantee fabulous weather.  For those brides walking barefoot along the beach, ankle cuffs are the perfect accessory.      

The 2015 full unstructured bouquet full of fresh seasonal blooms, I'm pleased to say is here to stay, with some brides opting for more of a wild bouquet with lots of greenery.  We are also seeing the trailing bouquet make a come back, this time with a more natural urban feel.  With Game of Thrones being on everyone’s lips, we are seeing this come into the bridal world too. Hair is playing a big part here with lots of braids complimented with flowers to get the perfect look.

Thanks so much to Emma for answering our questions you can check out her fabulous work on her website