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Little Black Book: Caiger & Co

So you may have a seen a little video we did with the lovely Alix from Caiger & Co about how to impress your guests with wedding food. If you haven't you can check it out here

We had a little chat after filming to get a couple more tips on wedding food, for anyone looking for wedding food inspiration, Alix has some advice...

Other than what's in the video, what else can you do to make your wedding food stand out?

A different sort of cuisine is always a great way to make wedding food stand out, if you love all things American get hot dogs on the menu or if Japanese food your thing why not try sushi. 

Also think about the way the food is served – there are many ways that service could be run in order to the make the food stand out. For example, food stalls are a great way to make sure your guests are mingling & trying all the food on offer. 

What's your biggest food trend prediction for this year?

Middle Eastern food – it offers so many possibilities, not least some really interesting vegetarian & vegan options.

Company name: Caiger & Co

Established: 2011

Food style: Bespoke & luxury, with a focus on seasonal & local ingredients