Wedding Trends: Hygge

danish scandi table wedding

No, we don't really know how to correctly either, but we still think that 'hygge' may be the newest trend to hit the UK wedding scene.

The UK's newest obsession is a Danish word that doesn't even have an English translation - but is the Scandinavian concept of making the most out of winter. Hygge means lighting candles, eating good food with friends, drinking wine and generally feeling happy and cosy. Doesn't that sound like most people want for their wedding days to you?

Hygge is the perfect inspiration for fresh, contemporary winter wedding designs. It's not just about rustic barns and fairy lights, it's about Danish minimalism and a focus on what's important - food, community and good lighting!

It takes style inspiration also from the Kinfolk-trend - slow living simplicity, unfussy celebrations. Foraged finds to decorate your tables and soft candlelight to warm your guests. It's heavy with greenery and foliage, branches and natural elements, no colour. It's DIY but it's less origami paper cranes and more artisan woodwork! (No pressure, Etsy will have something)  

bough wedding design hanging foliage
napkin grey wedding
scandi nordic table design wedding

Hygge at its core is about cosiness, which could mean forgoing a skimpy bridal shawl in favour of some bridal knitwear.

scandinavian kinfolk wedding
bridal knitwear jumper

It's family style dining with comfort food over haute cuisine. Masses and masses of good food, good drink and good conversation. 

family style dining wedding
bundt cake wedding

A hygge wedding would be a stripped back vision of a wedding celebration - taking out all the stress and just putting together an unfussy, cosy event where you and your loved ones can enjoy the start of a new chapter. With pastries. 

Head over to our Scandi Pinterest board for more inspiration, and for links and credits for images!

Wedding Trends: Decor

Trendwatch: Cactus

Ok, we're calling it. Cactus is the new fern.

From wedding design to homeware to fashion prints, and even your greetings cards - cactus is the new motif in town. It's the new pineapple, the new palm leaf, the new watercolour, and we love it.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "This is incredible, I love it, I'm so into cactus right now, thank you Revelry for alerting me to this trend to watch...but that's all very well for US brides who can just hop over to the nearest desert and make cactus work, but what about little old us in the UK?"

Well, never fear, because there certainly are lots of great venues and spaces that you can make a cactus design work for. 

One of our 2014 weddings in the Syon Park conservatory

One of our 2014 weddings in the Syon Park conservatory

Styled shoot from the talented  Vintage Floral Design

Styled shoot from the talented Vintage Floral Design

Conservatories like London's Syon Park are the perfect backdrop for your prickly design - or find yourself some gorgeous dunes somewhere on the coast like Camber Sands where beach sand can become desert sand with a little styling.

And the key with any trendy motif or theme is not to go overboard. A little touch here and there to tie everything together is perfect - no need to go ordering yourself 100 cactus chairs, cactus tablecloths and a cactus print wedding dress. Less is more and be smart with your wedding theming! 

Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas on how to work the cacti!

Wedding Trends: Florals

Floral Designs with the Wow-Factor

At the end of last year, when we looked ahead to 2016 and put together our wedding trend predictions, something that kept cropping up time and again was majorly wow-factor floral installations.

We said florists were going to be getting more creative and push the boundaries of wedding flowers to craft some truly impressive statement pieces.

Today we're checking out some epic design ideas that could work for your wedding or event - a one-off feature that will leave your guests feeling the 'wow factor'. Check out some of our other hot picks on our Pinterest board.

Floral chandeliers have been a mainstay of wedding design for the past few years now, but these suspended designs are coming a little closer to earth to create a fantastic focal point at your event. This floral crate arrangement could double as an incredible evening dessert buffet - can you imagine? Grab a cupcake out of this beautifully decorated hanging crate!

Forgo the centrepieces and make it rain flowers with these suspended rings and hanging flowers with added uplighting. Upgrade some old lampshade frames with an added moss-effect - perfect for a rustic barn wedding or garden themed baby-shower.

Up your cocktail hour game by turning your flowers into poseur tables - encase them in boxes and get people talking around these floral creations. Or this honeycomb floral shelf display could work for displaying your custom cocktails during the evening!




Wedding Trends: Revelry Events Trend Report

The Revelry Events Wedding Trends Report 2016

Today is a good day! We're launching the first of our annual wedding trend reports for the UK! 2016 is going to be a corker of a year for brave new style and design choices for couples, and we're very excited to share our predictions with you about what those trends are going to be.

Which trends are on the rise, which ones are sticking around, plus how to use them well.

We're covering everything from marble to fern, first looks to seating mash ups. Head on over to the report to find out what else is hot for 2016 - and let us know in the comments which ones you're looking forward to seeing more of, and which ones you'd still like to see!