Working with us


We get a lot of email enquiries each week from people wanting to work with us or offer themselves up for internships and work experience. Though we would love to be able to offer these opportunities, we’re not set up to take on paid positions or have formal work experience placements.

We do, however, often look for on the day assistance during busy times of the year, typically summer. This usually involves having someone on board who has a little bit of event experience already, or someone with some good transferable skills, who can take on something of a ‘runner’ role on the day - assisting us in helping the day run smoothly.

If you would like us to keep your details on file for when these times come up, email us your details using the form below.

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About you, your background and why you're interested in weddings

And because we do get a lot more unsolicited emails for jobs and work experience than we have time to respond to, a general rule of thumb is that we won’t read:

  • anything that starts with ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ and the like (you’ll find our names quite quickly if you look on our website)

  • batch emails to other planners/employers